Lindsay Lohan is Stuck on Step #1

Despite her claims that she is innocent of her second DUI in two months, sources close to Lindsay Lohan say she’s delusional and still believes she doesn’t have a problem.

Lindsay’s not doing well. She’s facing some major denial. She’s still blaming other people…”

There’s been no official word on why her assistant, Tarin Graham, quit, but the unofficial word is that Lindsay is a drunk whore:

Graham quit her job because “she couldn’t deal with Lindsay going out every night” and “Lindsay was flirting too much with Tarin’s boyfriend…”

Yikes. There’s no telling what it’s going to take to make Lindsay stop and think about what she’s doing, maybe a coma, but for her sake I hope they send her somewhere to get the help she so desperately needs. For my sake, I hope they send her somewhere with a moat and a lion pit. Oooh, oohh, and a fire breathing dragon. Dragons are cool!