Hugh Hefner Loves Kendra Wilkinson. Not Really.

After reading the June issue of Elle, which featured an interview with the Girls Next Door, Playboy Playmate, Kendra Wilkinson was reportedly furious after she saw that writer Daphne Merkin didn’t sugarcoat the article. Page Six reports:

Wilkinson was hurt that she was described as “giving off a palpable air of anxiety.” Merkin also quoted Wilkinson as saying her fake breasts were “my best investment” and said the blonde referred constantly to her “slight acne.” “I’m very insecure right now about my face,” Wilkinson told Merkin. “I get scared with Hef looking at me at the mansion and maybe thinking I’m ugly.” Merkin also mentions Wilkinson’s “fleeting attention span,” her “dazed personality and limited vocabulary” and quotes Hefner describing Wilkinson’s “distinctly unintellectual charm” by mockingly saying, “Books? What books?”

On an appearance on Larry King Live, Hefner promised to defend Kendra’s honor.

Instead, he wrote this letter:

I just finished reading your article . . . and think it’s the best, most perceptive piece on the show to date…I hope you get a chance to do a longer story for the New York Times or The New Yorker.”

Hugh Hefner has been inside more 18 year old kitty than a frat boy, so I doubt he’s worried about how Kendra might feel. Plus she’s kinda dumb. And fug. If she wasn’t in Playboy, she’d be the white stripper in the black strip club giving out handjobs for a shot of Grey Goose. A shot of Hennessey? Oh snap, she’ll rock your world!

Kendra, beach, zit on stomach:


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