Iskra Lawrence Wants To Improve Your Physical And Mental Health

Photo: Mike Marsland/BFC/Getty Images for The British Fashion Council

I think all you Mandatory fans should know who Iskra Lawrence is by now as she’s one of our favorite gals. Not only does the 27-year-old look fantastic in all the photos she shares on Instagram, but she’s also all about body positivity, body acceptance and making sure people love themselves. And that’s why Lawrence has created the @everyBODYwithIskra program and app.

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The program and app, which you can get here, is described as the “World’s 1st Physical & Mental Health Program + App.”

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And this is how Iskra herself describes it:

Because health and fitness is not a set regiment, a restrictive diet or a dramatic before and after picture. Health is so much deeper. Wanting to look after yourself should always be encouraged.
But so should loving yourself right now and in every step of your journey.

I want to hold your hand and gently guide you so you can learn about fitness to move your body and build strength, stretching to prevent injury and increase mobility, meditation and sleep exercises to help with stress and anxiety and videos so you can feel like you’re not alone and formulate your own opinions on what health and happiness mean to you.

It’s YOUR body, it’s your choice. Are you looking after it and investing in it?

So while other programs aim just to help you look better on the outside, Iskra’s program helps you feel better on the inside as well. It also aims to help you find the right path for you to take so you can live a better life.

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You can of course start a free seven day trial to see if it’s for you, but until you make up your mind you can just check out more hot photos of Iskra thanks to her Instagram.

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