These Hot Twins Are Paying Their Way Through Law School Thanks To Their Instagram

Photo: Instagram/Stephanie Baessler

Two hot twins have all their pervy fans to thank because it is because of all of their followers that they have been able to pay their way through law school. The 20-year-old Baessler twins, brunette Stephanie and blonde Julia, are a big deal on social media with over 370k combined followers on Instagram. And they are incredibly attractive, so of course tons of companies reach out to them to promote their stuff, and that’s how they earn their cash.

The gals, who both study law at the University of Vienna, also offer health and beauty tips on social media, as well as offer training tips and tips on how to get toned bodies. But in reality, the only thing that people care about is looking at the photos they share.

So since you’re here to look at these Austrian gals, let’s first check out some photos of Stephanie thanks to her Instagram.

And now let’s check out some photos of Julia thanks to her Instagram.

A post shared by Julia Baessler (@juliabaessler) on

A post shared by Julia Baessler (@juliabaessler) on

A post shared by Julia Baessler (@juliabaessler) on

h/t NY Post

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