Photographer Gregorio Campos Keeps Reminding Us Why He Has The Best Job On Earth

Photo: Instagram/Gregorio Campos

Way back at the beginning of the year we told all you folks about a dude named Gregorio Campos. And we had to tell you about Campos because Campos is a photographer whose job is simply to take photos of beautiful women who just happen to be naked. Here’s an example.

And that example above should be enough proof as to why this dude has the greatest job on the planet. And you can’t convince us otherwise.

Campos has close to 690k followers on Instagram. — all of them extremely jealous of what he does for a living. Hey, I know we’re pretty jealous. Then again Campos is nice enough to share all his photos with his followers. And now we’re going to show you some of the best ones thanks to his Instagram Have a look.

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