Amanda Lee’s Incredible Instagram Profile

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Have you heard of Amanda Lee? She is one of the most popular personal trainers on the web with over 10 million followers on Instagram. So, if you haven’t heard – shame on you! Amanda knows everything you need to know about Pilates and modern dancing and, more importantly, has the body to prove it. Here are just a couple of her best photos from the amazing Instagram profile. If these don’t motivate you to start exercising right now, we don’t know what will. Amanda Lee has all the answers you need and even more, so let her transform your life.

A Modest Girl


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One might think that, with all those followers and money that inevitably goes with it, Amanda Lee would lead a more glamorous life, but she doesn’t. She is such a modest girl that when she finally reached 10 million followers, she only bought this cheap helium balloon to celebrate. As you can see, she doesn’t even spend that much money on underwear.

Teaching Young Minds


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Sometimes, Amanda takes her role as an instructor way too seriously. As you can see, she made quite an effort on this photo to look as professional as possible. There are the teaching glasses, just a slightly revealing dress and that inevitable innocent playing with her hair. It is truly a perfect picture for her resume if she decided to pursue the career in teaching.

Amanda Lee’s Optical Illusions


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As soon as you glance over this photo, your mind starts telling you that something is wrong. This is one of Amanda Lee’s famous optical illusions designed to mess with her most faithful of fans. Based on the picture, you could say that she has breasts and behind that are way too big, but you’d be mistaken. It’s not that her (possibly) God-given features are too big but her bikini is too small. It’s all about perspective. She fooled you again, didn’t she?

Walking Lessons


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Some people have noted that Amanda must have trouble walking with such a big ass and breasts that certainly affect her balance. In order to show the fans that she has no problems with walking, she took this picture outside, as she casually strolls down the street. Admittedly, judging by the position of her legs, she’s not doing all too well, but it’s just the way she walks. There’s nothing weird about it.

A True Patriot


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Although the U. S. Army has yet to require the services of Amanda Lee, she let everyone on Instagram know that she’s ready to go fight for her country whenever it’s necessary. She showed us her camouflage outfit and it’s absolutely amazing. Even if the enemies spot her somewhere deep in the woods, they’ll be too mesmerized by her perfect body to shoot. She’s the ultimate weapon.

A Traditional Girl


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One of Amanda Lee’s greatest characteristics is, no doubt, her love of tradition and respect towards the elderly. You can see her wearing one of her grandma’s knit sweaters as a tribute to that great lady. Sure, the threads on this sweater seem a bit too far apart, but it’s just a clever design to let the skin breathe and prevent sweating. Grandma thought about everything.

Do you think you have what it takes to become Amanda Lee’s star pupil?


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