Nicole Scherzinger Knows Exactly How To Promote Her New Perfume Chosen

Photo: Instagram/Nicole Scherzinger

Every celebrity decides to release their own perfume eventually. And most can be found at Kohl’s — usually next to the discounted boxes of candy. And while most of these perfumes fizzle out without any attention, some celebrities do everything in their power to make sure people buy their fragrance. And Nicole Scherzinger made sure to strip down in order to market hers. Now that’s how to market.

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The 39-year-old recently launched her new fragrance, Chosen, and while it’s available to purchase everywhere not many people know about it. So Scherzinger decided to do quite the ad. It’s pretty much just her in bed showing off her goods while tossing and turning. You know, just really creative stuff here.

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Check out a behind the scenes look at this smoking hot ad.

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Now go right ahead and watch that a few more times. And after you’re done, check out more hot photos of Scherzinger thanks to her Instagram.

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