10 Gina Carano Sexy Instagram Posts That Will Knock You Out But Leave You Begging For More

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

Before there was even Ronda Rousey, Gina Carano was the ultimate female MMA fighter in both terms of skills and looks, the true face of the sport. Although Carano wasn’t fond of the moniker, there’s no denying it and her name still lives on strongly in the fighting community. That’s a part of the reason why Gina Carano sexy Instagram photos garner as much attention as some fights between current female MMA fighters.

Mostly because Gina has successfully transitioned to acting after hanging her fighting gloves. While she was still in the octagon she had a really impressive record of 7-0, before her final fight with Justine “Cyborg” Santos that she lost, retiring with just that one defeat. Even that loss was historic as it was the first female Championship fight in history. In Muay Thai, prior to her exploits in mixed martial arts, Carano had an equally impressive record of 12-1-1.

Her noteworthy record and her good looks made Hollywood take notice, and she quickly became the go-to woman when needing femme fatales to cast. Carano had notable or lead roles in Haywire (2011), Fast & Furious 6 (2013), Deadpool (2016) and other. While video games fans know her as Natasha Volkova in the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 game. Possibly the only woman more dangerous and hot than actual Gina Carano.

The more screen time the 35-year-old knockout gets, the happier we are, therefore, some Gina Carano sexy photos from Instagram for all those who share our admiration of her.

Gina Carano Sexy Instagram Photos

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Gina’s clothing trademark has become a military style hat, so it’s only natural that we start off with it. Still, it is somehow weird how a cap can make someone so additionally sexy.

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Even though there are some very beautiful active MMA fighters, it’s hard to imagine any of them reaching the level of recognition and longevity as Gina. It’s because being sexy isn’t enough, one must have a lot of charisma.

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And Gina Carano is sexy even when she’s being goofy, similar to the now also retired Miesha Tate.

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But the majority of Gina Carano’s sexiness is due to her badass image of an actual femme fatal, not just one that is pretending to be it on camera.

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It’s actually bonkers how much Gina Carano is sexy, she can hold her own even in comparison to ring or octagon girls whose primary profession is to look good.