Alexandra Cooper Is A Former Soccer Player But Who Cares Because She’s Hot

Photo: Instagram/Alexandra Cooper

Why are we talking about soccer? Well, that’s because we have to talk about former Boston University soccer player Alexandra Cooper. And why are we talking about Alexandra Cooper? Well that’s simple. It’s because she was spotted getting very close to 24-year-old Mets ace pitcher, Noah Syndergaard.

Syndergaard and Cooper decided to get together and head out to Madison Square Garden to watch the Knicks take on the Bulls. Listen, I don’t know why anyone would put themselves through the horror of watching a Knicks game, but I totally get why Syndergaard did it: he wanted to hang with this super hottie.

So not only is this kid pitching in New York and making millions, but he gets to hang out with hot gals. Man, the life of an athlete is pretty damn good. Am I a Mets fan? No. Am I now a fan of Alexandra Cooper? Yes. Yes I am. And you will be, too.

Just check out some photos that this former soccer player has to offer thanks to her Instagram.

Nice job, Noah.

h/t COED

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