Look At What Model Imogen Anthony Wears To Clean Her House

Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage (Getty)

OK, so chances are she doesn’t clean her house and pays someone to do it because she’s too busy taking selfies, but let’s pretend for now.

For those who aren’t aware who Imogen Anthony is, you are not alone because we didn’t either. But that’s OK, it is nothing that some good old research can help with. Anthony is a 26-year-old model from Australia who pretty much spends her days looking hot and sharing photos on her Instagram — an Instagram that has over 130K followers. Oh, Anthony is also dating a 45-year-old radio host named Kyle Sandilands. Quite the lucky fella.

But back to Anthony. We were talking about how the model looks when she gets ready to clean her house. Let’s just say that she’s all about the see-through lingerie. Take a look at the photos below thanks to Anthony’s Instagram.

What a spectacular waste of time. Now it’s only right we show you a few more photos of Anthony.

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