McKenzie O’Connell: Just Another Super Hot Golfer You Should Know

Photo: Instagram/McKenzie O’Connell

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: golf is a cure for insomnia. It’s truly one of the most boring sports ever, and I will never be interested in it. Well, that’s not true, because there have been a few gals that have reeled in my attention for the sport. Some of those gals? Well of course there is the hot Chelsea Lynn Pezzola. She’s a good one. And probably the most popular hot golfer, Paige Spiranac. But now, thanks to a heads up by Busted Coverage, we know of another hot golfer. Her name? McKenzie O’Connell.

O’Connell is of course an Irish golfer, born in Nebraska, who has reeled in close to 60K followers on Instagram. And as good of a golfer as she may be, most of the followers are there because she’s one attractive woman.

According to O’Connell’s bio, a reporter captured her “hitting a shot that landed two feet from the cup for a birdie. That specific photo made the front page and it was a major contributor in furthering my passion for the game of golf.” And ever since then O’Connell has been doing her thing, as she as competed in various events nationally and internationally.

So let’s check out O’Connell thanks to her photos on her Instagram.

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