Model Samantha Hoopes Goes Topless And That’s The News For Today

Photo: Instagram/Samantha Hoopes

If Samantha Hoopes‘ body is a body that you can stare at all day, we have some good news for you: You’re going to enjoy the following clip because it features just that: Hooopes’ body. Oh, and she’s topless.

The 26-year-old model teamed up with Sports Illustrated in order to shoot a clip that just features Hoopes in a bikini, and then topless, and then in a bikini, and then topless again. Now I don’t know the point of this, but do we really need a point? Of course not.

And why don’t we need a point? Because we get to see things like this:

Photo: Instagram

And like this:

Photo: Instagram

So now that you’ve seen that, you’re probably ready to see the whole clip, right?

Well, enjoy.

Might as well check these few photos out thanks to Hoopes’ Instagram.

h/t Maxim

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