Heidi Klum Dressed As Six Heidi Klums Equals The Sexiest Sextuplets You’ve Ever Seen

Photo: Instagram/douglasjhigginbotham

You know how the old saying goes: six Heidi Klums are better than one. While five of them may have been nothing more than extremely realistic mannequins with perfectly sculpted Heidi Klum butts, we’ll still take it, as it’s as close to our fantasies as it’s likely to ever get. But enough talk. Let’s see what all the hubbub was about concerning the former SI swimsuit model’s Halloween costume last night.

Heidi Klum as Six Heidi Klums:

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After apparently teasing a grand reveal all day long, this is how Heidi finally showed up for her big red carpet reveal. And now for a second shot of the action from behind, and those taut sextuplet rear ends we were referring to earlier — only one of which we’re really all that interested in.

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The question now is how does Heidi top herself in the years to come? Don’t get us wrong, sexy septuplets is all well and good, but it’s hardly all that original after this. Then again, what are we speculating on that for when there’s six Heidi Klums standing in front of us!

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