11 Reasons To Watch The Rio Olympics

Photo: Instagram/Amber Hill

So yes, there are no police or firefighters in Rio, and there are mutilated bodies washing ashore on their beaches, but that doesn’t mean that the 2016 Rio Olympics has to be a downer. Right? And while many athletes are turning down the opportunity to compete in Rio for fear of catching a disease or being murdered, there are still plenty of reasons you should watch the Olympic games this year.

And here are the 11 most important reasons to tune into them:

Amber Hill – English Shooter

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Listen, you’re not going to rush to your TV set to watch a bunch of folks shoot at targets. Well, maybe if you’re a Republican you will. But hey, you may want to tune in this time around because English shooter Amber Hill will be out there. Hill already owns three gold medals that she won in international competition and is looking to add more to her mantle this summer.

Michelle Jenneke – Australian Hurdler

Cruising around the Whitsundays ??#hamiltonisland

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Sure, hurdling is just people jumping over things, but I’m pretty sure if I attempted it I would break my leg, so kudos to them is well deserved. And kudos to Michelle Jenneke is also well deserved, as the 23-year-old Australian is looking to add another medal to her resume, as she already has a silver medal. But if it was up to us she would win gold. Like, always.

Mikaela Mayer – American Boxer

Hey, there’s boxing at the Olympics, too! And 26-year-old Mikaela Mayer will be representing team USA in the women’s 60 kg category. Mayer was the ’14 and ’15 USA National Boxing Champion, so expect her to do some damage this summer. I think we’d all rather look at Mayer than Mayweather.

Sloan Stephens – American Tennis Player


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It’s not all about Serena Williams when it comes to women’s tennis, 23-year-old Sloane Stephens actually defeated Serena at the 2013 Australian Open and has been a mainstay in the tennis world since. This will be Sloane’s first trip to the Olympics, but you’ll get to see her plenty more when you spend time on her Instagram.

Kassidy Cook – American Diver

5 weeks till Summer? #tbt

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Kassidy Cook is already in the running for hottest Olympian, and she’ll be trying to grab gold later this summer in Rio. Kassidy will be diving left and right (we aren’t well-versed in diving), and regardless of how she does she’s already won. Now go ahead and perv out.

Ellen Hoog – Dutch Field Hockey Player

Goodmorning! Vandaag weer zo’n goede dag ??

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I’ve never watched any field hockey at the Olympics, but I may start because Ellen Hoog will be a part of it. The 30-year-old already has two gold medals, and I’m just going to assume those championship games were as competitive as what I saw in the “Mighty Ducks” movies. Nevertheless, Hoog will be at Rio hoping to add more hardware to her name. And we will definitely be watching.

Winifer Fernandez – Dominican Volleyball Player

Winifer Fernandez is already getting noticed, mainly because of her hot highlights video, but the 19-year-old also has skills on the court. Fernandez will be part of the Dominican Republic volleyball team, as they hope to take home gold. What a great sport, that volleyball, right?

Ella Nelson – Australian Sprinter

Towel says Cottesloe but we at Scarborough ? #indianocean

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Keep an eye on Ella Nelson, as the 22-year-old Aussie is looking to reel in some medals when she heads to Rio. We know she’s fast, and we know she looks good running. And not many people look good running. Well, Tom Cruise always does.

Anastasia Ashley – American Surfer


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Yeah, something tells me you give a damn about surfing now. Anastasia Ashley has been surfing since she was a little girl, and she has plenty of awards to show for it, too. Not only does she surf, but the 29-year-old also models. And boy, we sure commend her career choices. Anastasia will be in Rio catching some waves (or whatever it is surfers say).

Zsuzsanna Jakabos – Hungarian Swimmer


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Zsuzsanna Jakobos has already competed in three Olympics, and while she hasn’t brought home any medals it’s OK because we’ll have another chance to watch her do her thing when she shows up at Rio. Yeah, Hungary never wins anything, but we really don’t mind watching Zsu try.

Alex Morgan – American Soccer Player

Alex Morgan is one of the most recognizable Olympians out there, already making a name for herself helping Team USA win gold at the 2012 games. Now Alex and her team will be at Rio looking to successfully defend their medal. Olympic soccer sure is exciting, as a bunch of folks like myself get to hop on our patriotic bandwagon. But hey, whatever it takes to see more of Alex.

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