Mischa Barton Tries To Make Amends With Internet, Goes Topless On Instagram

Mischa Barton is at it again.

Barton has been in the news recently and it has nothing to do with the “The O.C.” reboot that I’m sure will happen soon. It has to do with Barton being completely clueless. In a now deleted Instagram post, Barton begs for gun control, change and unity and calls for a period of reflection — all while she is hanging on her yacht and drinking some wine.

Take a look at that photo below:

Barton got tons of backlash. So, what is one way to start mending those fences? Pose topless of course. And that’s exactly what the 30-year-old did. Check out the picture below thanks to her Instagram:

Island vibes #Mykonos #Censored

A photo posted by Mischa Barton (@mischamazing) on

She even added this one for good measure:

Morning vibes !!! Monday lets do this Hope everyone has a wonderful week Xoxo @moalturki

A photo posted by Mischa Barton (@mischamazing) on

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