Melanie Iglesias Is A Messy Girl Covered In Ice Cream

Anyone like ice cream? Anyone like Melanie Iglesias? Anyone want to see both of those things together? Yes? We thought so. So check this out now.

I don’t know if that’s a “disaster,” more of a fortunate situation. Fortunate for us of course.

Melanie Iglesias knows just what guys like: ice cream. More importantly, they like ice cream on a half naked, sexy model like her. Personally, I like a good sherbet, but I digress. Check out this extended cut from Slickforce Studio featuring Melanie licking all sides of the cone, but wearing most of it for our viewing pleasure. If you have any strength left afterwards, you can pick up an exclusive Melanie Iglesias poster on sale for $1 this week and next. Now check out more of Melanie’s latest SlickforceGirl videos.


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