So Olivia Wilde Got Butt Naked On HBO’s ‘Vinyl’ Sunday Night (NSFW)

It looks as though we finally have a reason to watch that show.

According to UNILAD, smoking hottie/actress Olivia Wilde “sent the Internet into a meltdown” Sunday night after she went full frontal on the widely panned HBO series “Vinyl.”

Now, for the completely uncensored pics, you can click on the link below. But this is your final warning that you will see some NSFW nudity. Cool? Here you go:

Olivia Wilde Naked On “Vinyl”

Since the series is set in the 1970s, Wilde couldn’t do the scene without sporting a merkin, which of course is a pubic hair wig. Not a wig made of pubic hair that you wear on your head, but a wig that is worn by actors and actresses to make it look like they have a massive ’70s bush.

Wilde talked about the scene last week with Howard Stern and told him that the merkin was necessary because she’s “pretty clean” downstairs.

Most people probably missed Wilde and her merkin because they were busy watching the NCAA Tournament, but word quickly spread on social media about what was going down on HBO. There were thousands of tweets, but none of them summed up Wilde going full frontal quite like this one:

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