The 10 Hottest Hair Bras Of All Time

Forget hand bras, we’ve got the hottest hair bras of all time. Hair bras — the dangling of long, luscious locks over bare breasts — have dated back since the dawn of woman. Some of our earliest hair bra memories, however, date back to 1980’s “The Blue Lagoon” when Brooke Shields rocked it. From then on, there has been a slew of striking hair bras documented, and now we’re going to give you the 10 hottest hair bras of all time, starting with that classic Brooke boob shot and working up towards modern classics like Adriana Lima.

The 10 Hottest Hair Bras Of All Time

Brooke Shields

Adriana Lima

Kristen Gorano

Olivia Munn

Monica Leigh

Nicole Scherzinger

Joselyn Cano

April Cheryse

Olivia Wilde

Michele Merkin

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