A New Bikini Top Is Helping Women Free The Nipple In A New Way

While topless performers in New York City are still being criticized by many people, a married couple has created a bikini top that helps women free the nipple, and we strongly support this.

The Chicago couple, Robyn and Michelle Lytle, have created a bikini top that comes in three different types of skin tones and features a nipple print. Some people might still complain about this top, but it’s totally legal, so those people can go back to rolling their eyes in waiting lines.

The idea for the TaTa Top (yes, that’s the actual name) sprung from a group of exchange students from the Netherlands that Robyn and Michelle hosted in 2012. The students went to the beach topless and were stopped due to the illegality of it. Now, just a few years later, this bikini top has been born.

Check out some gals rocking the TaTa Top below:

Happy Sunday

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#tbt to Chicago Pride weekend!

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Things you can do in your TaTa Top…play Cards Against Humanity!

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