Playboy Playmate’s ‘Cheeky’ Tattoo Is Appropriate When You Consider Where She Got It

Yup, we’re talking about her ass, guys.

According to Mandatory‘s Gary Dudak, Valerie Keil is a model probably best known for appearance as Playboy Playmate of the Month August 2013. And part of the reason she won that honor is the fact that she has an absolutely breathtaking hiney, even without a tattoo on her right butt cheek.

That is no longer the case. Well, she still has an amazing booty, but she recently got herself some ink:

Keil challenged her Instagram followers to guess what her latest tattoo says, leaving the hint that it started with a “C.” Thankfully, the gang at Barstool Sports took the time to hold their faces against the screen in an effort to read it and “smell it,” and after several minutes, they finally figured it out: “Cheeky.”

Try topping that for your “workday.”

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