10 Beautiful Redheads That Will Make Redheads Your New ‘Thing’

Everyone’s always talking busty blonde this and sexy brunette that, but where is the love for the fiery redheads among us? With no further hesitation, may we present some of the beautiful redheads that will make redheads your new thing, at least until you start fantasizing about something else.

Bryce Dallas Howard
Girls, Hot Redheads
Both the daughter of “Arrest Development” narrator, Ron Howard, and the star of summer’s biggest blockbuster sequel, “Jurassic World,” Bryce Dallas Howard is her name, and her career is getting big, like dinosaur big.

Elizabeth Marxs
Girls, Hot Redheads
A recent Cybergirl of the Year, Elizabeth Marxs has teased us on more than one occasion, and she’s about to do it again right…now.

Laura Prepon
Girls, Hot Redheads
One of the sexiest stars of hot summer TV, Laura Prepon is rocking some dark locks on “Orange Is the New Black” rather than her red strands from her days on “That ’70s Show.” Apparently, black is the new orange. Nailed it!

Amy Adams
Girls, Hot Redheads
If you missed our 2015 Comic-Con recap, you might’ve missed a look at the modern Lois Lane from the upcoming “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” panel and trailer. Either way, Amy Adams has been and will continue to be one of our favorite redheaded actresses.

Lucy Collett
Girls, Hot Redheads
If you’re both a boob man and a redhead man, you’re in luck with Lucy Collett. Ever since her boobs sucked us right in, we’ve been hooked on one of Zoo Today’s most talented and voluptuous girls.

Kate Mara
Girls, Hot Redheads
The sexiest thing on “House of Cards” for a hot minute was none other than Kate Mara, but we also remember our first TV threesome experiences. Either way, Kevin Spacey didn’t have to push her in front of that oncoming train.

Leanna Decker
Girls, Hot Redhead
Leanna Decker has strutted her stuff for Playboy before, and she’s not afraid to do it again. She’s not just another redhead; she’s a master of the sexy selfie.

Susan Coffey
Girls, Hot Redheads
How about some Coffey with your coffee? Even though she’s from New Jersey — that’s one of those places you needn’t visit — we won’t hold it against her. Susan Coffey is hotter than any cup of coffee we’ve had. Don’t you forget it!

Cintia Dicker
Girls, Hot Redheads
We can’t but share this ravishing redhead. Cintia Dicker is perfect in every conceivably red hot redheaded way. If she’s not red enough for you, try watching her crushing red grapes with her sexy bod.

Christina Hendricks
Girls, Hot Redheads
“Mad Men” might be done, but Christina Hendricks is just getting started. Recently, she pulled down a much-deserved Emmy nomination for her supporting role as Joan Harris. Here’s hoping this redhead and those red lips don’t go far. She’s easily the curviest redhead that comes to mind.

Ellis Cooper
Girls, Hot Redheads
She’s stripped for us. She’s been on our Sexy Girls of Instagram for us. She’s done everything we could ask for. Dammit, what more could you want from Ellis Cooper?

Cassidy Freeman
Girls, Hot Redheads
For those of you who enjoyed Comic-Con’s Superman plug, we hope you know Cassidy Freeman was part of the Man of Steel’s history as one of the sexiest redheads on CW’s “Smallville” back in the day. Lex Luthor almost had her beat, then he went bald. Close one, Michael Rosenbaum.