Totally Naked Girls Who Are Cleverly Covering Their Nudity

Is there anything more of a tease than a beautiful girl getting naked and then posing in such a way as to reveal nothing? (What a difference an inch can make!) They are like masters of deception. And these girls have mastered the contortions and props to hide their goodies, leaving them as artful as museum pieces. So take a gander at these gorgeous girls, and feel no shame as it’s completely safe for work.

This here is Elena Hight. Born in Kauai, but raised in Lake Tahoe, Elena Hight is a two-time Olympian snowboarder who went au naturel in this shot for ESPN.

Kat Dennings has appeared in a variety of projects, including “Thor” and “Sex and the City,” but you probably know her from “2 Broke Girls” or this photo from 13 Nude Celebrity Photo Scandals.

For those who don’t live on Earth, Emily Ratajkowski is a model made famous by dancing naked in the music video “Blurred Lines.” She’s since appeared in the films “Gone Girl” and “Entourage” (the movie).