12 More Famous Actresses’ Topless Movie Moments

If there’s one thing we love more than a list of famous actresses showing their knockers in film, it’s sequels to lists of famous actresses showing their knockers in film. If you couldn’t get enough of our first topless roundup, you’ll be excited to see 12 more stunning actresses who have gone topless for your viewing pleasure. Guess it’s time to cash in those personal days at work and catch up on some movies.

Katie Holmes “The Gift”

She may have been innocent little Joey on “Dawson’s Creek,” but Katie Holmes can be a wild child too, which is fully (topless) evident in the 2000 psycho-thriller about a girl who goes missing. Katie has sex with some much older men and when she goes missing, all the characters in the film begin to collide.

Scarlett Johansson “Under the Skin”

After her nude selfie photos were leaked, Scarlett decided to teach us a lesson by posing nude in “Under the Skin” as a less attractive version of herself in 2014’s “Under the Skin.” She plays an extraterrestrial who disguises itself as a woman and lures men into her van. Sign us up!

Rebecca Romijn “Femme Fatale”

Shortly after her nude blue appearance as Mystique in 2000’s “X-Men,” Rebecca went topless in “Femme Fatale” in 2002. Back when she was Mrs. Romijn Stamos, she played a con-woman who tries to straighten up her act, and the scene with the covered up pool table will forever stay with us.

Denise Richards “Wild Things”

Aside from being one of our favorite Bond girls, Denise Richards is also the placeholder for one our favorite topless scenes from our childhoods, starring across Neve Campbell in “Wild Things” in 1998. The pool scene we will never forget features a girl-on-girl kiss no one can ever take away from us.

Salma Hayek “Desperado”

Playing the part of the beautiful bookstore owner, Salma Hayek had a passionate sex scene with the great Mariachi, played by Antonio Banderas, where she exposed her bosom buddies in 1995. She then helps him, along with the help of his best friend, played by Steve Buscemi, to defeat a Mexican drug lord and his army.

Malin Akerman “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”

In one of the more screwed up, seductive scenes in film, Malin Ackerman plays the slutty little girl married to Freakshow, played by Christopher Meloni, in 2004’s “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.” While her grotesque husband is outside fixing his truck, the boys try to get a peek at her goods. And the scene ends in an awkward Freakshow strip tease.

Reese Witherspoon “Twilight”

Before there were vampires and werewolves plaguing the big screen, there was a “Twilight” film that starred a young Reese Witherspoon who bared her mamba jambas for our viewing pleasure. In the 1998 Paul Newman film, Reese plays the daughter of Gene Hackman and Susan Sarandon where she has a sex scene with Liev Schreiber.

Alyssa Milano “Embrace of the Vampire”

Martin Kemp plays a vampire in the 1995 horror film who seduces a young college freshman, played by Milano, into his erotic vampire world. The scene that stands out is when she’s getting double teamed, tied to a bedpost at the age of only 22, just three years after “Who’s the Boss?” stopped airing new episodes.

Heather Graham “Killing Me Softly”

If seeing Heather Graham topless on roller blades in “Boogie Nights” wasn’t enough, you could always try “Killing Me Softly.” Graham is playing across from Joseph Fiennes in the 2002 film, exposing herself in multiple sex scenes we just can’t get enough of yet.

Julianna Guill “Friday the 13th”

What scary movie would be complete without the unnecessary topless shot of a young, beautiful, unsuspecting girl about to be murdered? Julianna Guill is that girl in the 2009 reboot of “Friday the 13th” and, to be honest, we’ve met her and there is nothing that isn’t lovely about Julianna.

Jessica Biel “Powder Blue”

You wouldn’t expect it from a former “7th Heaven” star, but then again there’s lots you wouldn’t expect from them that has happened, including Jessica Biel’s sexy strip tease – it’s more than a tease – in the 2009 indie drama where Biel plays the long lost daughter of Ray Liotta’s character, an ex-convict con-man fresh off a 25-year sentence.

Amy Smart “Road Trip”

There were plenty of things to enjoy in the Tom Green stoner/sex comedy classic “Road Trip” back in 2000, but nothing was more visually stimulating and terrifying as the scene where Amy Smart strips down and films herself having sex with Breckin Meyer’s character, just before the tape is accidentally shipped to his girlfriend.