Cindy Crawford Cleans Your Crib

There’s nothing worse than spending all night impressing a woman just to watch her cringe at the site of your bachelor pad when you think you’ve sealed the deal. Trust me, my mattress is on the floor, so I know the cringe well. So for those whose New Year’s resolution is to shape up their home, I asked Cindy Crawford – the ultimate dream girl – how us guys can live up to her standards. Crawford has a furniture line and she pulled up to an Art Miami VIP party in an all-new Maserati Quattroporte GTS, so she knows a thing or two about style. Thankfully, she’s here to help. Here’s a helpful Q&A with the wonderful Cindy Crawford.

What’s the most important thing a single guy should have in his home?
Clean sheets.

How about furniture? Guys tend to hang on to stuff from college a bit too long, right?
Yeah, that’s probably a thing to note. I love leather. I think leather is masculine and also very durable, so I’m a fan of leather sofas. Overall, though, I think, just keep it simple.

So should a guy get rid of the sports memorabilia and video game paraphernalia?
If it could all be relegated to one closet or one shelf, that would be good.

Speaking of closets, what should a guy have in there to look sharp?
Age appropriate. Some guys tend to hang on to their T-shirts with cut-out armholes from back in the day. I think women appreciate when it looks like a man at least puts a little thought and care into what he wears.

How about art on the wall? What makes good bachelor pad art?
I could give a funny answer, but the real answer is that you have to choose art that speaks to you and not to impress. If you love something then that is what you should have on your wall. I don’t believe in purchasing art for investments or as a statement. Even if it’s something that you find at a flea market or something that is by a well-known artist, because then if someone says ‘oh, what’s this painting?’ you have a story. You have a passion behind it that you can share with whoever is noticing it.

Tell me about this Cindy Crawford art.
These photographs are all of me by Marco Glaviano. He’s a photographer I’ve worked with a lot back in the day. He did all my swimsuit calendars, so a lot of these images are from the swimsuit calendar and a couple of the others are from Italian Vogue.

So if a guy wanted to hang one of these over his bed, that’s a good look?
Well, I think as long as the lady approves it. Maybe not the butt ones, but one of the friendly face ones, how about that?

Pictured: Cindy Crawford poses in front of her photo at the CC Lounge during Art Miami’s VIP Preview Opening Night. (Credit: Getty Images)