Tony Abbott Sings Karaoke In A Country Pub, In A Collared Singlet

Tony Abbott gets a lot of bad stick. Yes, that’s mainly because of some questionable choices while he was the PM of the country, but hey remember that time he chowed down on a raw onion? If your mate Dave did it, he’d be a neighbourhood hero.

Now though, it looks like Tone may have another incident in contention for his top viral video moments*, with footage emerging of the tone-deaf former PM enjoying a casual spot of karaoke, whilst donning a colsi, aka a “collared singlet, with style.”

Local radio host Wesley Heather, who was given a heads up about the event with a call from the former PM’s office, told Buzzfeed all about what went down.

“I thought it must be an April Fools joke, surely, but they said Tony Abbott would love to have a private karaoke session after his (charity bike ride) Pollie Pedal stage in Cootamundra.”

“I went and it turned out that he’s a ripper of a bloke. He had a few red wines and sang heaps of songs…every time I went to sit down, he’d be like ‘Wes! Wes! another one.’ So I’d have to stay up and sing back-up to him,” said Heather, who also described Tone’s singing voice in unflattering terms.

This isn’t the first time Tone’s engaged his tonsils tonally, as audio of him singing Elvis at the National Party’s 2015 Christmas shindig was leaked late last year.

Rather excitingly, there’s video of this loose unit escapade of Tone’s. Let’s hope there’s much more of this, and less of the denial of human rights stuff in store for the future, eh Tone?

*Who are we kidding, nothing will top #putyouronionsout.