Neel Kolhatker, Allday & KYA Team Up For That “Netflix And Chill” Song You’ve Been Waiting For

Finally the mating call of this generation has been immortalised in song, with comedian/actor/youtube sensation/Playboy perfume salesman Neel Kolhatkar having just released “Netflix and Chill” – the song.

Backed up by Allday and KYA on the chorus, the track has the raw unbridled sensuality of an R Kelly slow jam, although is a little more reminiscent of Dave Chappelle’s amazing reinterpretation of his work.

The first we’ve heard from Neel since we caught up with him back in July before his trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the track is more top notch humour from Kolhatkar, who plays/parodies the cliched RnB heartthrob all too well, strolling up and down a beach way overdressed in a leather jacket and jeans.

However, Allday kind of steals the show with lines like:  “I let you choose the movie or show that we view, ‘cos I don’t even watch anyway, I’m  just going to push my boner up against you.” Say what you will, but it really captures the Netflix and Chill experience with unflinching honesty.

Picked up by Netflix’s official social media accounts, the clip already has over 140,000 views and is coming soon to iTunes so keep an eye out for it. In the meantime check it out for yourself here below.