Sherlock Goes Back To The 19th Century In Trailer For Victorian-Era Special

Following the release of a teaser clip back in July, a trailer for the upcoming Victorian-era “Sherlock” special has just been released with fans the world over quivering in excitement.

London itself looks like it will feature heavily as a character, with the clip showcasing the transformation of the famous detective’s iconic address 221B Baker St into a bustling Victorian thoroughfare packed with horse drawn carriages and top hat sporting pedestrians. 

Meanwhile the show’s leads Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (Dr John Watson) may look a little different in their period attire (Cumberbatch sporting Holmes’ iconic hat, while Freeman’s face host a rather flamboyant mustache), but their energy and playful back and forth buddy dynamic of the original series seems well and truly in tact.

Promising an entirely modern re-imaging of the iconic character’s 19th century exploits, the trailer is rife with dark, ambiguous shots hinting at some yet to be revealed horror or intrigue. Not shying away from using low lighting to match the era’s available technology, the mood of the special looks set to take the show to it’s most chilling territory yet.

The special will also see a limited theatrical release in cinemas around the world,  great news for fans who had longed to see the shows innovative take on the source material brought to life on the big screen. For those that prefer the comfort of their own home however, never fear, as it will screen on BBC and PBS as well ahead of the shows long awaited fourth season that is due to begin filming next year.

With no release date yet announced however, you can whet your appetite for all things “Sherlock” by obsessing over the trailer and teaser below.

Sherlock Special – Official TV Trailer

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