Cristiano Ronaldo Walks Out of Interview After Being Questioned About FIFA Scandal

Cristiano Ronaldo apparently hasn’t had a single conversation about the FIFA corruption scandal with his fellow footballers, and the mere suggestion that he may have discussed an issue that has thrown the governing body of his profession into disarray saw him throw a strop on CNN Espanol, storming out of an interview with presenter Andres Oppenheimer because he didn’t get the opportunity to sell his headphones.

Ronaldo appeared on CNNE to discuss his new line of headphones, but with this being a news show and him being arguably the biggest name in a sport that has been all over the news lately, Oppenheimer inevitably asked him about his opinion of the FIFA scandal that’s stealing headlines left, right and centre, and how it could possibly affect what happens on the pitch. Ronaldo responsed by saying that it doesn’t worry him “at all,” adding: “I do my profession, my job, I give me all for my club…the rest doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care what happens on the outside.”

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When Oppenheimer pushed him to give a more realistic answer in regards to whether or not he has discussed the scandal with his Madrid teammates, Ronaldo replied: “Not at all. We talk about other things… About music, about women, about fashion, about shoes, about suitcases/bags, about jewelry, about haircuts.” So far, so superfluous. However, when Oppenheimer informs Ronaldo that he doesn’t believe him, Ronaldo calls for the interview to be cut, saying: “This is bullshit. I can’t speak like that. This is bullshit. Speak about FIFA, I don’t care about FIFA. And Qatar…I don’t give a fuckk. What you want me to do? Speak about product, he speaks about FIFA…come on. “

You can watch the interview below (it’s inevitably all in Spanish, though you can skip to 1:47 to see Ronaldo exiting the interview whilst complaining in English):

Despite Ronaldo’s protests that he hasn’t held a discussion with his teammates regarding the FIFA scandal, you’d have to believe that isn’t the case considering that every other football fan in the world is talking about it.

Him claiming that he doesn’t care about FIFA also comes across as a little disingenuous considering that this was his reaction to FIFA awarding him the Ballon d’Or earlier this year:

Now I’m not exactly well-versed in how Spanish news broadcasts work, but I’m assuming that if a presenter was tasked with interviewing Cristiano Ronaldo they’d be asked to do more than just talk about headphones with him for a little while. Considering that the FIFA scandal is the biggest thing to happen in professional football for many years, and Ronaldo is pretty much the face of the sport, he probably should’ve expected more important questions than “on a scale of 1 to 10, how great are your new headphones?”

[Via CNN]