Warner Bros. Shakes Up Their DC Movie Plans

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Warner Bros. has changed their plans for several of their upcoming movies based on DC comic books, but don’t worry, your beloved superheroes are safe. In fact, their new plan is probably the best possible solution to their problem… namely, how to keep their various Justice League movies separate from the darker, adult-oriented adaptations of DC’s Vertigo imprint.

Justice League Dark BeetlejuiceTo preserve their branding, and by extension allow Vertigo adaptations to be as adult as they can, Sandman and all other Vertigo movies will now be released by Warner Bros.’ sister company New Line, which often releases horror movies and R-rated comedies. Warner Bros. will continue to distribute Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeSuicide Squad and the rest of the DC movies based on superhero comics, including Dark Universe (formerly Justice League Dark), even though Guillermo Del Toro’s supernatural team up movie features multiple characters from DC’s Vertigo imprint, like John Constantine and Swamp Thing. (Hollywood Reporter also claims that Del Toro is no longer attached to that project. 

One exception seems to be the upcoming Shazam movie, which is currently set to star Dwayne Johnson as the villain Black Adam. Shazam will remain at New Line, perhaps to differentiate the hero from the very similar Superman character, whose movies will continue to be released by Warner Bros.

This is very good news for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose Sandman adaptation would not have benefitted from a close association to the other DC movies currently in development, and is expected to be high on concept and relatively low on action. And it’s good news for fans of Vertigo comics, who would be pretty pissed off to discover that film adaptations of their favorite highly intelligent and often very violent comics were being toned down to fit the current PG-13 mold of most comic book movies.

More news about Sandman and other future DC movies could be coming out for next week’s San Diego Comic-Con, so stay tuned to CraveOnline for more updates!


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