Are We There Yet? – Great Travel Reads

It can be daunting vacationing somewhere new – you’re likely investing a lot of time and money into the trip and you want everything to go smoothly. Anytime that I am traveling somewhere new or unfamiliar to me, I pick up the corresponding title from Lonely Planet, whose books are just awesome – not only are they practical and accurate but they are timely and thorough too, and they are always tucked into my travel backpack with a million dog-eared pages on every trip that I take. I recently got their guides for Western Canada, as I’d like to do some more exploring out that way, but those books have also helped me plan umpteen trips to Italy, France, Greece, and more.

Another really cool title that Lonely Planet recently released is called How To Survive Anything. Useful but also downright hilarious, the book looks at what you should do if you’re faced with natural disasters, unforeseen challenges like being arrested, dealing with local pests, and much more, each with funny illustrations and step-by-step instructions on how to deal with it all.

Check out the Lonely Planet website for a comprehensive listing of all of their titles and much more.

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