Summer 2015 TV Preview

Modern television viewers tend take it for granted that original programming will always be around no matter what time of the year. They may be correct in that assumption now, but it wasn’t always true.

Just a few years ago, Summer TV was a barren wasteland of reruns and reality shows. With the advent of original programming on cable and streaming services, even Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS have new series on this summer.

But the bulk of the best new television content is still coming from cable. HBO alone is debuting three of the summer’s most anticipated shows on the same night later this month. And there’s a lot to like if you’re into action, comedy, suspense, and other genres this summer. There are even two promising new sci-fi dramas on Syfy! It’s been a long time since anyone could say that.

With the summer season about to fully get under way, CraveOnline has assembled a list of the 15 new and returning TV series that you should make time for this summer. There may be fewer options than in the fall, but almost any TV fan can find something to enjoy on this list!