‘Serial’ Producers Are Working On Two New Seasons At Once

serial Cropped

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve listened to an excellent podcast called Serial. And if you’ve listened to an excellent podcast called Serial, then chances are you’ve been waiting with knuckle-chewing, junkie-like intensity for word of the next instalment. Well the wait is over, friend, because Serial has just announced its return.

The second season is officially on its way, and is likely drop in the Australian spring. But that’s not all, the team behind Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder’s ridiculously successful true crime podcast are working double time, producing two – count ’em two – seasons at once.

Sadly, the true crime stories that each of the new seasons will be focusing on remain, at this point, a mystery, but the show’s producers have promised that they will be “very different from Season One, but no less interesting to us”.

It’s been a gruelling six months since the podcast’s first season ended, and the Serial masterminds are hoping that double-timing the next two stories will mean a much shorter wait between season two and season three for rabid fans.

Meanwhile, as the show’s producers have been working on future seasons, new developments have unfolded in the real world, surrounding the subject matter of Season One: Adnan Syed’s first degree murder conviction for the death of Woodlawn High School student, Hae Min Lee. 

Fans whom have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on the enigmatic details and conspiracy theories surrounding the case can now add this new chapter into their Serial scrapbook: Maryland Court of Special Appeals have remanded part of Adnan’s case back to circuit court, in what’s been dubbed an “unusual move”.

Serial‘s soothing-voiced Sarah Koenig explains that, while it by no means indicates Adnan will get a new trial, it has nonetheless “cracked open a door” in the appeals process.

The mystery, of everything, continues.