Serial’s Adnan Syed Gets TV Special In Light Of New Evidence

Serial may have concluded their investigation into the trial of US teenager Adnan Syed, but that doesn’t mean the internet is content with the outcome. In light of more evidence surrounding the case, a TV special has been announced where said evidence will be thrown to the court of public opinion.

Before you go get your Netflix out, the show will actually be going down via Investigation Discovery network and will be airing in June. Adnan Syed: Innocent or Guilty? will be hosted by ABC News journalist and legal analyst Ryan Smith and aims to re-examine previous evidence as well as explore new findings.

The tv special will include interviews with key witnesses and identities that appeared in the Serial podcast and also a face to face with Syed’s current defense attorney Justin Brown, an interview which didn’t go down during the podcast. On top of that, there will apparently be new testimony from key alibi witness Asia McClain.

Serial concluded its series on Syed, who was charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, some 18-months ago, however, many listeners and internet sleuths at Reddit refused to let this one go. Recently, Serial host Sarah Koenig has provided updates as the trial moves forward but it doesn’t seem as though any real answers will be revealed any time soon.

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