Web Comedy Body Buds Features Adam Cawley and Rob Baker

Body Buds is a new web exclusive comedy series launching on June 1st, featuring well-known comedians and Second City Alumnus Adam Cawley (@AdamCawley) (Guidance, Just For Laughs) and Rob Baker (@robbi_baker) (Guidance, Man Seeking Woman). On trend with the recent emphasis on 90’s nostalgia, Body Buds features two former fitness personalities who previously hosted Canada’s most popular 90-second health and fitness segment on TV. Hosts Tyler and Taylor encouraged Canadians to eat sensibly, exercise mildly, and eat doughnuts occasionally. Clearly a nod to the days of less stress, less technology, when Canadians were interrupted by regular interstitials of Body Break with Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod (and the famous fitness duo actually make a couple of cameos in the show!). The series pokes fun at how intense the fitness industry is today, and how much out views on exercise and nutrition have evolved. 

The two hilarious comedians offered Crave readers a glimpse into their new web series and why web-based series have more freedom than television-based ones.

CraveOnline: Tell us about Body Buds. How did this project come about? Why this topic matter?

Rob: Adam and I both love Hal and Joanne a lot and we wanted to honour them in some way (while still teasing them as well.) In terms of why this topic matters: Fitness advice back in the 90s seems so dated and hilarious now, but so much health advice now seems so extreme. I think everyone feels confused about what to eat and what exercise to do. It feels universal. So we wanted to make fun of that. 

Is there any comedic competition between the two of you?

Adam: No, we both agree that Rob’s the best.

How is web different from television? Is the comedy different? The audience?

Rob: Web has more freedom, and less money, which isn’t the worst trade off. The audience is differently more niche on the web, which is really important to understand in order to have a successful web series.

Would you consider yourselves healthy people? Is health something that is important to you?

Rob: You can tell from the height of Adam’s hair that he’s super healthy

Adam: And Rob is the inspiration for the term “grandpabod.”

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Adam: We’re alcoholics?