The Running Shoe Tip You Never Knew

If you’ve ever ran, jogged — even walked — a significant distance, you understand the variety of injuries one can suffer.

It’s simple. You cover as much ground as possible on your feet to burn a bunch of calories as fast as possible. But possibly no other exercise takes such a toll on the human body.

Just a few of the common ailments resulted from running: swollen feet, inflamed patella, sprained ankle, shin splints — hell, even bloody nipples (yup, a real thing) — and last but not least, blisters.

A simple tip has gone viral that could be a remedy for those pesky, painful fluid-filled skin bubbles. It’s called a “heel lock” or “lace lock,” and it’s most likely on any shoe made for running. Go ahead and take a look at your pair in the corner, come back and watch this vid:

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Almost 30 million views in one month. Damn, people like to run.

I used this tying technique before my run the other day and it certainly worked. My feet didn’t budge. Fair warning though, if you have any ankle issues whatsoever, this probably isn’t for you. You need movement in your ankles to help sustain the g-forces your body takes while pounding the pavement. If your ankles have no give, your body will find other ways to compensate, and that’s not good.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.