Xbox One Bests PlayStation 4 in April US Hardware Sales


This eighth generation of home video game consoles has proven to be an interesting one, as there has been a clear cut hardware winner from the very get-go, and it wasn’t Nintendo.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has absolutely dominated, staying at a nearly two-to-one ratio of the second place competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One, worldwide. The United States is usually the proving grounds for a new console in terms of determining its overall appeal, and last month the Americans showed us that the Xbox was the winner. We’re not entirely sure what it was that drove the sales up so much for the big, black, vented rectangle in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but we’ll see if that starts any sort of a continuing trend beyond the nation’s borders.

Overall, the industry saw year-on-year growth in both hardware and software sales all around, so I guess one could consider that a win for everybody in the video games business, despite your console affiliation.

Oh, and have you tried Mortal Kombat X yet? It was the top-selling title in April, and there’s good reason why. It’s a fantastic title. Some say it’s the best Mortal Kombat ever. And that’s saying a lot.

(Via Polygon)