Watch: Gears of War Ultimate Footage Leaks and it Doesn’t Look Very Current-Gen


New footage of the rumored Xbox One remaster of the first Gears of War game, reportedly titled Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, has leaked online… and it doesn’t look very much like an Xbox One game.

The footage only offers a short look at the game, but it’s immediately apparent that its visuals aren’t all that dissimilar from the original Xbox 360 game. While there have obviously been some improvements, including the obligatory texture improvements and some nice lighting reflections added to the puddles on the ground, it doesn’t look that much different from its first incarnation way back in 2006.

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Considering the nine-year gap between the releases, we were expecting something a little better looking for its Xbox One remaster, but instead we’ve got this:

۞ by AGB-Media

This likely isn’t the final build of the game so improvements could be made further down the line, and there’s still a chance that this is faked – albeit very convincing – footage. 

The original footage was spotted by MP1st, who noted that it seems to be running at 60fps. This is still all speculation at the moment, but judging from this gameplay footage it looks more like a snazzier port than it does a beautiful remaster. Whatever the case, we’re sure that Gears of War fans will lap it up regardless, given that many still view the original game as having the best multiplayer component in the entire series.