DirectX 12 Multiadapter Will Use Everything You’ve Got To Make Your Games Look Awesome


“The struggle is real” is likely a term you’ll hear when you listen to PC gamers bemoan the fate of their gaming laptops or PCs. They’ll complain about how much it costs to stay current with GPU technology and the ever-increasing recommended requirements of high-profile triple-A titles. “Dude I JUST bought a GTX 880, but The Witcher 3 at 2560 x 1440 with 4xAA, 16xAF and max settings is just too much man…I’m only getting like 40fps. Unacceptable. The screen tear is making my eyes bleed.”

Sound familiar?

Well, Microsoft hopes to help with that at least a little bit, by way of DirectX 12 and the Multiadapter. It’s a fancy device that will use delicious new APIs to somehow use the forces of computer science and black magic together to use whatever the hell you have inside your machine, including GPUs from different manufacturers, to help you squeeze that much more performance out of your poor, overworked laptop or gaming PC.

Think about this for a moment. This could actually replace SLI and Crossfire tech down the road while simultaneously blowing off the doors in terms of what was possible when it comes to hardware configurations. How glorifyingly mind boggling is that? 

This announcement just opened up a massive can of whoopass in the PC gaming realm, and mark my words, it will change computer gaming hardware. This is big, folks. Are you excited?

You will be.

(via MCV UK)