Cockroach Pizza At The Calgary Stampede?

Calgary Stampede

Brave enough to try some cockroach pizza? What about a $100 hot dog, a jalapeno poutine mini donut bowl, or a peanut butter kabob (picture it: a deep-fried peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich sliced into four, served on a stick spaced between three deep-fried Reese peanut putter cups). That’s just a small sampling of the delicacies that will be offered as part of the Calgary Stampede 2015 Midway.

“It’s trying something new, but it’s also about having lots of fun on the midway,” said Stampede midway operations manager James Radke to the Calgary Sun. “We spend 365 days a year worrying about our diet… when Stampede time rolls around, it’s about letting loose, having some fun and eating things that are new, unique and different.”

That can include jalapeno lime fudge, a cactus burger, red curry poutine, or a donut grilled cheese (cheese and your choice of meat smashed between, yep, a glazed donut).

And then there is the star of the show: the dragon dog, in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive hot dog in the world. For $100 you’ll get a foot-long sweet bread bun filled with specially-made foot-long bratwurst sausage infused with cognac, Louis XIII (which sells for $3000 a bottle), then smothered in Kobe beef (cooked in truffle oil), fresh lobster tail (cooked in butter and garlic), a melange of secret special dragon sauces, and finished off with a fine mixture of truffles, tomatoes and ricotta cheese.

The Calgary Stampede runs from July 3-12.

Photo: The Calgary Stampede