Exclusive Preview: Conan Red Sonja # 4

Dark Horse Comics and Dynamite Entertainment’s Conan Red Sonja miniseries reunited two of the Hyborian Age’s greatest warriors for the first time in decades. But now Conan and Red Sonja are facing the end of their world.

The wizard Thoth-Amon pit Red Sonja and Conan against each other in a duel to the death. But in our exclusive preview from Conan Red Sonja # 4, the title heroes make their play to save the world and take out Thoth-Amon before the Elder Gods consume our realm.







Conan Red Sonja 4 Cover

Writers Gail Simone and Jim Zub wrap up their epic tale alongside artists Randy Green and Rick Ketcham with Dan Panosian as the cover artist. Conan Red Sonja # 4 invades comic book shops everywhere on Wednesday, April 29.