GameStop To Begin Buying, Selling Retro Consoles And Games


Beginning in New York and Birmingham test markets, GameStop will buy back and sell retro gaming consoles as well as games. Namely the SNES, SEGA Genesis, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and SEGA Dreamcast.

GameStop says it’ll be a couple months before retro consoles will be available for sale through its website. Also, there’s no real indication of how much you’ll get for selling, or how much you’ll have to fork over to pick up a traded in retro console. All that’s known is that warranties will be provided when buying, just like when purchasing newer systems.

Will you be running to your nearest GameStop to sell all your retro games and systems? Something tells me that a lot of you will continue to prefer using online auction sites and the like.

Thanks to Crave’s Game Revolution for the update on this new addition to GameStop’s business model.