Grand Theft Auto V’s New Editor Mode Will Let You Direct Your Own Movies

Grand Theft Auto V‘s new Rockstar Editor mode will allow players to become the director of their very own movie set within the game’s open-world environment.

A new video highlighting the mode’s various features revealed how players will be able to create their own short films, allowing them to take control of various characters from GTAV‘s world along with also controlling animals and wildlife. The Rockstar Editor will also allow players to select the location of their movie, adjust the weather and time of day, and even add gameplay modifications such as explosive punches and low gravity.

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The examples Rockstar used to highlight the editing suite’s multiple options included a superhero showdown, a grainy police chase and an eagle flying above the city of Los Santos. Players can also include text overlays on their videos along with choosing from the game’s vast library of licensed tracks, before exporting and uploading them directly to YouTube and the Rockstar Games’ Social Club.

Watch the Rockstar Editor in action below: 

Unfortunately for console gamers, the Rockstar Editor will only be available in the upcoming PC version of the game. While the editor seems like it would be too robust to merely add in the form of a patch, it could be released further down the road as DLC, but considering Rockstar’s penchant for taking their time, PS4 and Xbox One owners shouldn’t expect it to make its way to their copies of the game at any point in the near future.