Brand New Trailer Shows GTA V Looking Glorious in 1080p and 60FPS

Grand Theft Auto V is going to look better than ever when it finally arrives on PC later this month, and developer Rockstar has just released a trailer highlighting the game’s 1080p, 60fps visuals and performance.

The new trailer shows the game running as smooth as butter, with the frame rate having been doubled and an increased level of detail having been put into the textures and lighting of Los Santos.

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PC gamers have been waiting for a long time to get their hands on GTAV, with delays having pushed its release back time and time again. Fortunately, it is now definitely set to release on April 14th, and it will also release alongside GTA Online‘s Heists, a mode that was also delayed multiple times on both current and last-gen consoles.

The above trailer, broadcast in 60fps, highlights the game’s protagonists Michael, Trevor and Franklin’s willful dive into the underbelly of the dangerous-but-beautiful Los Santos, along with showing off some of its glorious vistas and skylines. 

Though the PS4 and Xbox One remastered editions of the original PS3/Xbox 360 game were good-looking in their own right, all signs point to this being the definitive version of the game, at least in the looks department. Those who haven’t yet had a chance to play one of the very best games of the past 5 or so years should certainly consider picking it up for the PC, if they have a desktop capable enough to run it.