Gene Simmons to Make Horror Movies with The WWE


Gene Simmons, the frontman of KISS, has always had a keen eye for branding, packaging, and selling his band to within an inch of its life; you can, for example, buy KISS brand coffins. Simmons, as reported by Variety, has decided to grow himself and his brand into movies by teaming up with The WWE, and forming Erebus Pictures, a small studio that will be devoted entirely to the production of horror movies. 

The rock icon and the wrestling studio have already put their heads together for the upcoming film Temple, written by Matt Savelloni and currently seeking a director. 


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Simmons started his career in film in 1984 with the robot thriller Runaway, and infamously played the cross-dressing villain Velvet Von Ragner in the 1986 cult film Never Too Young to Die. He has since played himself in films like Detroit Rock City and Be Cool, and he has produced a documentaty TV series about himself called Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels as well as the upcoming KISS documentary You Wanted the Best… You Got the Best. We’ll see what The Demon has up his sleeveless vest when it comes to outright horror. 

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