X-Men Props Being Auctioned In Toronto

Waddingtons auction house in Toronto has listed a number of Hollywood flick props on its site, including items from of the both “X-Men” films as well as “Platoon” and “Legends of the Fall,” starring Brad Pitt.

According to the Star, more than 150 pieces in total are being sold. Other movies represented in the collection include “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Jacob’s Ladder,” and more.

Amongst the props that are being auctioned are a life-size figurine of Mystique (played by Halle Berry) in “X-Men,” Wolverine’s claws, a gutted zebra from “Legends of the Fall,” and guns from the hit war movie “Platoon.” The items belonged to art collector Bill Jamieson, who passed away in 2011.

“The work is so artistic, it’s really quite extraordinary,” said Waddington’s communications specialist Tess McLean to the Toronto Sun. “It’s so lifelike, and the quality of the work is amazing.”

Many of the props that are being sold were showcased during an exhibit at the TIFF Bell Lightbox back in 2012. In a statement to the Star, Sylvia Frank, director of TIFF’s Film Reference Library and curator of the 2012 exhibition, said the collection represented over 40 years of special effects. “TIFF was fortunate and honoured to present the Gordon Smith: X-Men Master exhibition free to over 17,000 visitors,” Frank said in the statement.

The auction runs until Thursday at onlineauctions.waddingtons.ca.

Photo: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation