THE WALKING DEAD 5.15 ‘Try’ Recap

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Episode 15

Episode Title: “Try”

Writer: Corey Reed

Director: David Boyd


Well… the good times in Alexandria didn’t last very long, did they?

It’s funny that The Walking Dead spent so much time on the hospital subplot in the first half of the season considering how quickly the show is burning through story in the second half. But that’s probably happening so that next week’s season finale can be appropriately… eventful.

 The Best Liar

Walking Dead 515 The Best Liar 

As expected, Nicholas (Michael Traynor) wastes no time throwing Glenn (Steven Yeun) under the bus for the deaths of Noah and Aiden to Aiden’s mother, Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh). Meanwhile, Glenn relates the truth about what happened to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who tells him that his only loyalty should be to his own people. But Glenn insists that the residents of Alexandria are their people now.

Deanna seems to sense that Nicholas is lying, but she still rejects a conciliatory casserole from Carol (Melissa McBride) and she also burns the condolence note that came with it. Not a good sign…

The Sasha Games

 Walking Dead 515 The Sasha Games

Elsewhere in Alexandria, Michonne (Danai Gurira) is having her own existential crisis when Rosita (Christian Serratos) tells her that Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) has been spending all of her time in the tower shooting zombies. They soon discover that Sasha is hunting zombies beyond the wall… and she shows signs of being emotionally disturbed.

The three women are soon surrounded by a herd of walkers, which gives Michonne a cathartic experience as she helps put them down. Sasha eventually has an emotional outburst about Noah’s death and she silently returns with them to Alexandria.

Going For That YA Audience

Walking Dead 515 YA Audience 

Rick’s son, Carl (Chandler Riggs) has his own subplot this week, as he follows Enid ( Katelyn Nacon) outside of the walls. Enid reveals that she knows Carl has been trailing her and she invites him to come with her. They eventually bond over their similar experiences before coming to Alexandria as Enid tells him that the world belongs to the walkers now.

To avoid a herd of walkers, Enid and Carl hide inside of a hollow tree and seem to come close to sharing a kiss. If this was any more YA then they would be working together to bring down the dystopian zombie government.

Community Heal Thyself

The Walking Dead 515 Heal Thyself 

Heeding Carol’s warnings about Pete (Corey Brill), Rick confronts Deanna about the situation. Much to Rick’s surprise, Deanna reveals that she knows that Pete has been beating his wife, Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and their children. However, Deanna refuses to take drastic measures because Pete is the town’s surgeon.

Rick is livid and he suggests that Pete be killed if he continues to beat Jessie. Deanna seems offended by the very idea of killing and warns Rick not to bring it up again. In the dark of night, Pete approaches Rick, who angrily tells him to “keep walking” while holding his smuggled weapon.

Wolves Among Us

 Walking Dead 515 Wolves Among Us

As if there weren’t enough problems inside of Alexandria, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) find disturbing signs of a new threat on the horizon. Together, they come across a woman with a “W” carved in her head who was tied to a tree to be eaten by walkers. Strangely enough, this is what Carol threatened to do to Sam a few episodes back. But the “W” has been seen on walker heads before, which suggests that the threat is getting closer to their new home.

Inside the walls, Nicholas retrieves the hidden gun that he apparently stole from Rick’s hiding place after Glenn warns him to never again leave Alexandria’s walls. While Glenn is being as generous as possible, Nicholas seems to have murder on his mind…

The Hurt Doctor

Walking Dead 515 Hurt Doctor 

Rick confronts Jessie about the situation with Pete. But before she accepts Rick’s help, she makes him acknowledge that he wouldn’t go out on this limb for just anyone. Emboldened, Jessie tells Pete to leave the house. When he refuses, Pete and Rick get into a messy fight that sends both men through the living room window and out in the streets.

Deanna orders Rick to stand down after he finally subdues Pete. But instead, Rick pulls his hidden gun on her (and the surprised residents who witnessed the brawl) and he goes on a rant about how things in Alexandria need to change in order for them to survive. Deanna intimates that she shouldn’t have let Rick into the town, which only makes him more upset.

Before things can escalate further, Michonne knocks out Rick… leaving him at the mercy of the people he just threatened.

I think we can safely assume that Rick won’t be the constable after next week’s season finale. But this is The Walking Dead, so multiple character deaths are probably in the cards. Who will live or die? Share your predictions in the comment section below!