Exclusive Video: Jay Oliva on Weird Al Yankovic’s Role In Batman vs. Robin

DC All Access Batman vs Robin

On April 14, comic fans will get to see the newest animated DC film, Batman vs. Robin when it hits DVD and Blu-ray.

Inspired by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s The Court of Owls storyline, Batman vs. Robin pits father vs. son as Damian Wayne is recruited into an enigmatic secret society. This film is a direct sequel to the animated Son of Batman movie and it features Jason O’Mara (Batman), Stuart Allan (Robin), David McCallum (Alfred) and Sean Maher (Nightwing) as they reprise their respective roles.

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A new addition to the cast of Batman vs. Robin is the legendary comedy music icon Weird Al Yankovic as Barton Mathis aka The Dollmaker. In this exclusive deleted video from this week’s episode of DC All Access, Batman vs. Robin director Jay Olivia tells host Tiffany Smith about Weird Al’s turn as The Dollmaker and shares his character’s connection to The Joker.

You can also watch this week’s episode of DC All Access below. It features the rest of  Jay Oliva’s interview, and the first word on Detective Comics: Endgame, the new Batman: Arkham Underworld game and an update on DC’s Digital Firsts line-up!