Exclusive Preview | Batman and Robin Eternal # 14

The Robins have been divided.

With Bruce Wayne seemingly out of the picture as Batman, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Jason Todd have become entangled with the enigmatic Mother in a conspiracy that may link all of Batman’s previous Robins!

Cassandra Cain has also made her return to the New 52 as the Robins attempt to sort out the mystery of Mother. But they’ve already exposed divisions in the ranks of the Robins and now the full scope of Mother’s plans are beginning to unfold.

CraveOnline’s exclusive preview of Batman and Robin Eternal # 14 continues the flashback of Batman and Dick Grayson’s first encounter with Scarecrow as they pursue the master of fear to Prague.


Here’s DC’s solicitation copy for Batman and Robin Eternal # 14:

Grayson, Red Hood, Red Robin and Harper Row have uncovered the full scope of Mother’s dangerous operation, and they’re ready to spring their trap! But there’s one problem: Cassandra Cain has gone rogue, and they may not be able to pull her back from the edge! There’s no time to lose, either, because for every mystery they solve about Mother, there are more waiting to be discovered, including Mother’s next target, a place that couldn’t be more personal to Dick Grayson!

James Tynion IV & Scott Snyder wrote the story of Batman and Robin Eternal # 14, with Tynion scripting the issue for artists Fernando Blanco and Roger Robinson.

Batman and Robin Eternal # 14 hits comic stores everywhere on Wednesday, January 6.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by DC Comics