Acceptance Speeches: Who Gets Thanked The Most At The Oscars


Acceptance speeches are either loved or hated by just about everyone watching the Academy Awards. Some really nail them, with emotional and gripping words that captivate you while making you feel as special as the person receiving the award, whereas others attempt to go on and on and are just glorified emotionless lists of “I would like to thank…” with a cutoff orchestra primed and ready to send them off the stage.

Speaking of thanking, we’re all too familiar with the aforementioned phrase, so perhaps some stats that reveal exactly who gets thanked the most at the Oscars might actually be more interesting than listening to them all over again. So, whaddaya think? Everyone loves lists, so here we go, starting with the fifth most-thanked individual at the Oscars, thanks to some research discovered by our friends at Cinema Blend:

5. Peter Jackson (22 times)

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4. George Lucas (23 times)


3. James Cameron (28 times)


2. Harvey Weinstein (34 times)


1. Steven Spielberg (42 times)


Do any of these surprise you? Spielberg and Weinstein were likely a given for most people, but numbers 5, 4, and 3 might have been toss-ups for a lot of you, I’m guessing.

Let’s see if that list changes a bit this Sunday, yes?

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