The Lazarus Effect: Jason Blum on the Oscars, Jem and The Purge

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CraveOnline: I’ve got to ask about Jem and the Holograms.

Jason Blum: Very good.

It is the most important movie to me this year. I don’t actually care about Star Wars as much as I care about Jem and the Holograms.

Why are people so crazy about Jem and the Holograms?

Why were you excited about it? Because you could have made anything.

I’ll tell you. Now, I’m in love with the movie. I’ve seen the movie seven times. I cry every time, like a little child. I can’t wait for you to see it. [It’s] fucking awesome. Nothing to do with me by the way. Jon Chu is so good.


“‘[Jem] is like Lady Gaga’s spirit turned into a movie.”


Step Up 3 is one of my favorite movies.

He killed it. It really is, it’s like Lady Gaga’s spirit turned into a movie. That’s how I describe it. It really, really is. But the reason I was initially excited is only because I like Jon Chu and he was jumping up and down in my office like a crazy person. I belove and believe in passion. If I see someone I respect who is that passionate, I’m like, there’s got to be something here.

And not to give myself credit for this, but I was right! The movie ROCKS! But I only did it because Jon Chu was insane. 

I interviewed Ryan Guzman for The Boy Next Door and he told me that Rio is not going to have purple hair. I was like, “Why?”

Buddy, there’s plenty of purple hair.

There’d better be.

There’s PLENTY of purple hair! He doesn’t [have it] but there’s plenty.

It’s important.

Of course! I understand Jem now, but I did not before I made the movie. I didn’t understand it at all. Now, I love it.

Respected. I see on IMDb that the third Purge will be about the first Purge? Is that accurate?

What does that mean…?

It says The Purge 3 will be about the very first Purge.

You mean the first year of The Purge?

The first Purge year, yeah. That’s what it says on IMDb

I don’t… I’m not going to tell you but I know where it’s set and we have the vague story outline. I don’t think that’s determined yet. 

So we can discredit what’s on IMDb? I can read it to you right now.

No, I believe what you’re saying… 

I’m curious where that came from now.

You want me to find out for you? [Dials number on cell phone.] Just really quickly: James’s treatment of Purge 3, does that take place during the first year of The Purge? [Listens.] So that’s on IMDb and it’s wrong. [Listens.] Okay, okay, okay. Thank you. Okay bye.

It’s wrong.


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